June 30, 2021

What You Should Know About Home Inspections in San Diego

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If you're buying a new house, you'll need to get a home inspection completed sooner or later. Although not always necessary, having a home inspection is standard practice in real estate and is almost entirely done for the benefit of the buyer, even though they are paying for it out of pocket.

A home inspector is a trained individual who will examine your home in detail and alert you to any safety risks, hidden harm, and the expected life span of various mechanical appliances in the home. Before proceeding with the sale, a house inspection can provide you with some bargaining power to reduce the price or request repairs to any specific problems.

Alternatively, a home inspection can simply provide you with peace of mind by informing you of the exact state of the home and all of its issues before you finalize the purchase.

What does a home inspection consist of?

A house inspection is a routine procedure in which a home inspector examines the property. When you have a home under contract, you are ready to employ a home inspector. You can choose to opt out of the deal without penalty based on the findings of the home inspector, or you can continue with negotiations.

1. Visiting the property with your home inspector.

First, you will want to arrange a meeting with your home inspector at the house you are purchasing. This allows you to be there and ask any questions you may have. Following the inspection, the home inspector would be able to walk you through any problems that were discovered when walking through the building.

If you are unable to meet with your home inspector, please notify him or her in advance. Make sure you've left a way for them to get a key to the house, or that you have a friend or relative on-site who is willing to let them in and also discuss any potential issues.

2. The home inspector will do a thorough inspection of the home.

A good home inspector will inspect every aspect of your soon-to-be home. They'll look at the basement and even the attic. They'll take a look at every door, window, and even check the roof. The home inspector will also run your water to look for any possible plumbing problems. Depending on the size of the house, a home inspection will usually last two to three hours.

3. The home inspector will provide you with a report.

Following the house inspection, the inspector can discuss the findings with you briefly. The inspector will have taken several photographs and will give you a thorough report detailing any problem found in the building.

4. Distribute your report to your real estate agent.

Your real estate agent will review the report and advise you whether to proceed with the contract, request that any items be repaired before continuing, or request a lower selling price instead of repairs. This is where it is very important to have the knowledge of a seasoned real estate agent to help you negotiate the deal. 

Home Inspections in-San Diego

Locating a reliable home inspector

Finding a home inspector can be difficult, particularly when you're under a lot of pressure to choose someone who will do a good job. You are relying on them to identify potentially life-threatening safety threats, so do your homework. 

Examine their qualifications.

Home inspectors are required to be licensed in certain jurisdictions, but not in others. Be certain that the home inspector you employ is fully credentialed, regardless of where you live. In order to see what they will be searching for, request a sample inspection report that they have made.

Take a look at online feedback

Online reviews will often reveal a lot about a home inspector. A lack of feedback may also reveal they don’t have much experience. When browsing through local home inspector directories, read both negative and positive feedback to get an overall impression of customer satisfaction.

Request a referral.

Inquire with someone you know and trust about a home inspector they would suggest. You may even consider asking your real estate agent for a recommendation.

In conclusion

If you are purchasing a new home, hiring a home inspector is a no-brainer. They will often save you from purchasing a home with numerous issues. However, make sure you do your homework in order to find an experienced and reliable home inspector who will do a thorough job. Then, employ your real estate agent to help you negotiate any items found in the home inspection that need to be repaired. 


What exactly does a home inspection entail?

You should receive a comprehensive typed report with photographs detailing the condition of any section of your home for any home inspection. Any safety risks or other issues will be highlighted in the study.

How long would it take to perform a home inspection?

A home inspection normally takes two to three hours, but it can take longer if the house is larger or more complex.

How much does a home inspection cost?

A typical home inspection costs between $300 and $500. It will, however, be determined by your area, the size of your house, and the specifics of your inspection.

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