April 8, 2021

The Scoop on Selling San Diego Houses As-Is

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Deciding whether or not to sell your home is a huge choice. And if your property isn’t exactly turn-key ready, choosing which upgrades are worth the investment can be a challenge. If you’re a San Diego homeowner debating whether to list your property as-is, or make a few upgrades before putting it on the market, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll offer our expert opinion on both strategies, so you can decide which course of action is best for you.

What is an “As-Is” home sale?

An “as-is” home listing is exactly as it sounds, a property listed for sale without any prior repairs or upgrades. The home comes exactly as it appears, or in other words, what you see is what you get.

While this can apply to the physical condition of the home, this does not make the homeowner exempt from disclosing structural damage, any electrical or plumbing issues, as well as potential environmental threats. The thought of selling your San Diego property as-is may seem daunting, but in fact, the transaction may benefit both the buyer and seller in various ways.

Although the majority of home buyers are searching for something they can move into and call home right away, there are others seeking what realtors consider “fixer uppers.” A fixer upper can be a home that simply needs some upgrades here and there, or it could be a property that requires a complete overhaul. Restoring a home to a livable condition can be intimidating, but the allure of such distressed properties is that you’re certain to save big on a home that you might otherwise be unable to afford.

How much should you invest in repairs?

In certain cases, sellers can increase their property’s value and desirability just by making a few easy upgrades. If you’re in a hurry to sell, be aware that any repairs or upgrades will add to the length of time you’ll have to wait before listing your home, but if that translates to a higher return on investment, it may be worth the wait. Depending on the condition of your property, repairs may be beyond your budget. But if it’s something as simple as a fresh coat of paint, or replacing outdated light fixtures, it’s likely worth the extra expense.

Simple repairs that make a big difference

1.Repair any roofing

There are certain structural elements of your home that you want to be sure are sound, and roofing is no exception. If you have damaged roof shingles, or notice leaking of any sort, addressing the issue before listing the property is advised. It’ll help your property sell faster, and may even help boost its overall value.

Apply a fresh coat of paint inside & out

Never underestimate what a fresh coat of interior and exterior paint can do for a home’s aesthetic. Depending on the size of your home, painting doesn’t necessarily require a professional. Grab a handful of your friends or family, offer them some free food and drinks, and your property will be painted in no time.

2.Replace old carpeting

One of the quickest and cheapest ways to improve your property’s appearance is to replace old, unsightly carpeting. Since most modern homes tend to only have carpeting in the bedrooms, it’s fairly cost-effective to replace. And if you don’t like the look of carpeting, you can always opt for an alternative that will still be budget friendly, such as vinyl or laminate.

3.Update old light fixtures

Nothing takes away from the look of a home like outdated light fixtures. Imagine a buyer is viewing the perfect home, and can’t help but notice a gaudy brass chandelier that’s straight out of the 1980’s. It’s not likely to be a deal breaker, but it might make it tougher for a potential buyer to envision their life in that space. Light fixtures are fairly inexpensive to replace, but also simple to spruce up yourself. A bit of spray paint and some stylish new bulbs can go a long way in improving your home’s appeal.

4.Patch holes in walls or ceiling

Though it may seem like a no brainer, people often fail to patch any holes in the wall before listing their home for sale. It’s a small task that will save your future home buyer an unnecessary headache. Pick up a drywall patch kit from your local hardware store, and repair any blemishes that you notice on your walls or ceilings.

5.Upgrade windows and/or doors

If you can afford it, updating your windows or doors can make a home look like new. Nowadays, windows are designed with energy efficiency in mind, so while it is an initial investment, it could potentially save your home buyer in the long run. Why should you care? Well, that just adds to the desirability of your home, and could be the factor that sets your property apart from other comparable listings.

6.Check heating and cooling system

If your HVAC system is not in working condition, this could negatively impact your attempts at selling a San Diego house as-is. Heating and air-conditioning systems are incredibly expensive to replace, and prospective buyers could view this as an unwanted money pit. Though known for its beautiful weather, San Diego is not exempt from the extremes.

7.Ensure pipes and faucets don’t leak

What’s more annoying than a leaky faucet? That’s exactly what interested home buyers will think when during a walkthrough they notice a dripping sink. Do a quick once over of your pipes and faucets to ensure that they’re working without issue. If you notice anything out of place, try to determine if you can fix it yourself first before enlisting the help of a professional plumber.

Get the best deal for your San Diego home as-is

Whether you decide to fork over the funds for a few upgrades, or choose to list your San Diego house as-is, you want to make sure you get the greatest return on your investment. With our advice, you’ll be able to market your home to appeal to home buyers looking for a property they can turn into a project.

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