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We'll list your house on the MLS and we'll use our network to get you the highest offers

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Get retail market value for your home
Have a professional real estate advisor help guide you through the offer process
Professional marketing of the home
Maximum exposure to all public retail buyers shopping on sites like, redfin and zillow
Increased property showings
Open Houses

List on MLS

If you could raise the value of your home by $60, $70, $80,000 or more in 4-8 weeks before you sold it, will you do that? You can, of course. Yeah, you should do that.

At Renovating Lives, we agree that no one should ever sell their home "as-is." We will inspect your home, make value-added improvement suggestions, provide contractor estimates, financing, project management and agent recommendations. Both of them with no out-of-pocket costs to you. There is also no expense or requirement to follow our recommendations.

NO CREDIT CHECK – the only thing you need to apply for is your home equity!

You've got nothing to lose and all to gain from our advice, regardless of your situation:

  • Foreclosure
  • Probate
  • Loan by design
  • Inheritance:
  • Relocation
  • Divorce:
  • Normal sales

No project is too large or too small. From carpet and paint to complete redesign, we'll just suggest what's needed to help you get the top dollar out of your home sales. No project is too large or too small. From carpet and paint to complete redesign, we'll just suggest what's needed to help you get the top dollar out of your home sales.

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How we increase the money you make upon the sale of your house

The steps that make our program a success

STAGE 1: Evaluation


We will have an appraiser review the comparable sales in the area to determine a fair market value for the subject property in its current condition. If a project makes sense, we will schedule a physical inspection of the property with the homeowner, contractor, and real estate agent – if the homeowner has one.


After the scope of work necessary to make the home a quick seller at an increased house value is agreed on, the contractor will prepare a scope of work memorandum and schedule a time for general contractors to inspect the property and provide us with estimates for the renovation.

STAGE 2: Renovation


We forward the Preliminary Renovation Outline to any contractors the homeowner has identified and our Preferred Contractors. The contractors then inspect the property and provide their bids for the renovation.


When the home owner approves our estimate of current value, potential value, construction costs, and financing costs the home owner will then enter into a contract with the general contractor and provide the general contractor with a first or second trust deed to secure payment for construction costs at the time of sale.


Once the construction contract is executed and the trust deed is recorded, Renovating lives will enter into an agreement to lend the contractor the money necessary to fix up the property. In exchange, the contractor will assign its rights in the trust deed, Renovating lives will record the assignment of rights and work will begin. We then worth with the homeowner or real estate agent as well as the contractor to monitor the project and arrange for a service to make progress payments to the contractor as work progresses.


Construction is completed, the house is listed at the highest possible price and sold at a premium in a much shorter time frame than in its current condition. Renovating lives is repaid by the contractor out of escrow with the home owner keeping any added value realized from the home improvement.

Everyone wins!

How we increase the money you make upon the sale of your house

The steps that make our program a success

STAGE 3: Sale


Now that your home has been renovated it’s time to get it on the market. We like to start with professional staging. It is simply a statistical fact that staged homes sell more quickly and for a higher percentage of the asking price. Then it is time to schedule an open house and tell the world your home is now ready for sale. We do this in partnership with your agent to increase and maximize exposure.

Offer Evaluation

The highest offer may not be the best offer. Unless you are lucky enough to get an all cash offer, most buyers will be purchasing your home with a loan. The buyer’s financial qualifications determine the strength of their offer. It is imperative to select an offer from a buyer who is most well qualified to successfully obtain financing. We will help you and your team make the right choice.


Once you select the best offer, it’s time to open Escrow. Escrow is a licensed and highly regulated third party entity who facilitates the transaction between the buyer and seller of real estate. Escrow will coordinate with all parties to ensure a smooth transaction for all involved. The duration of the Escrow is negotiated between the buyer and the seller and typically ranges from 10-45 days. When escrow “closes” all funds are distributed to the seller and anyone the seller might owe money to in connection with the sale of the property like agent commissions, termite treatment or Renovating Lives, etc..

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